We support our community

We have supported our communities by donating food and masks to nonprofit organizations working in the most vulnerable communities in our country.

Our commitment also brings us to communities, where we have been able to support different Organizations in the development of programs and projects helping the most vulnerable populations of our country, and we will continue to support education, health, the environment and social initiatives to generate a real and long-term social impact.

Donation of biosecurity equipment’s as masks, gowns, anti-bacterial gel for medical personnel in front line has been our priority in this critical moment.

We safeguard the health of our employees

We are benchmarks in the Industry for safeguarding the health of our employees through the implementation of the strictest biosecurity measures, guaranteeing their safety as well as their families.

The safety of our employees has always been our priority, before the National Emergency our team was committed to creating biosecurity protocols that would ensure an environment with the highest standards in each of our operations. This is how we were the pioneers in the industry in the implementation of a biosecurity protocol that has been a reference for the creation of other protocols in different economic sectors of the country. We reinforce the importance of preventing the spread of the virus with prevention campaigns, daily talks about measures and care that employees must have at work, in their homes and their communities.

We have transformed our processes

We have transformed our processes to be able to manufacture medical garments so we can attend to the global pandemic of COVID-19.
We transform our processes to respond to global needs in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic by manufacturing medical clothing to fight with the spread of the virus. The manufacture of masks began ten days after being declared a state of emergency in Honduras and in less than 40 days robes were being manufactured to meet the international health emergency.
Reinventing ourselves has allowed us to fulfill our first responsibility, our employees, maintaining their jobs and creating new ones with new and innovative products for the health.

Returning clean water

In 1991, we opened our first water treatment plant and today we treat roughly 6,000 cubic meters of industrial wastewater per day.

Since 2010 we have taken strong actions by investing in efficient equipment and modifying our processes, achieving a 70% reduction in water usage in 10 years.

Today, we are worldwide leaders in our industry, consuming 76% less water than industry average, a big effort to preserve this valuable resource for the humanity.

However, our journey is just beginning and through our technology and innovation we have developed different technologies enabling us to achieve significant milestones and implementing more aggressive goals.


In an effort to contribute to our environmental responsibility, alongside a group of 800 volunteers, we have achieved the planting of 10,000 trees in our neighboring communities La Jutosa and Montañuela.

Planting is an important step towards minimizing the effects of climate change and is a necessary practice to ensure a sustainable future and restore the bodies of water.

“We really appreciate Elcatex’s commitment to support us in reforesting our communities and invest in our environmental education. We are very proud of our partnership, of what we have achieved, our dedication to look after our natural resources and our environment together.”

“We are grateful for Elcatex’s valuable donation of tools and other important supplies to the Municipal Nursery. With this aid we can continue to plant trees”

Manuel Iraheta
Environmental Unit Director
Municipality of Choloma.

Elcatex also donates trees to reforest the Malombo River basin in Omoa Community, near Altantic Ocean.

Putting our waste a good use

We ensure that our waste is reused and recycled.

As part of our environmental responsibility, we make sure to support local government initiatives for this, all the tires that are replaced in our companies, are donated to the municipalities, we cooperate with this material to building borders of river banks and streams.